1. General 
Sales through this website are administered by Hallands Kulturhistoriska museum, a part of Stiftelsen Hallands Länsmuseer, registration number: 849200-1014.

Visiting address:
Fästningen 1

Invoicing address:
Fästningen 1

If you have questions or need assistance with your purchase, please contact
Hallands kulturhistoriska museum at: reception@museumhalland.se or +46 (0)340-828 30.
When you are buying tickets, you agree to collecting data that is needed to make the purchase, read more about it under point 7.

 2. Product: 
Through Biljetto, Hallands kulturhistoriska museum sells electronic tickets to guided tours and lectures (henceforth referred to as events). The prices may vary depending on the type of event. No other fixed costs are added to the ticket price unless stated so. The price on this website is in Swedish Krona (SEK) and is free of tax. The electronic ticket is sent to the email address stated at the time of purchase.

Electronic tickets, digitally or printed, are to be able to be shown to the staff of Hallands kulturhistoriska museum.

Electronic tickets are not to be re-sold.

Damaged or lost electronic tickets are not replaced.

Electronic tickets do not give priority when there is queue to the museum.

Electronic tickets are valid for the number of people, date and event stated upon the ticket face.  The customer is responsible for ensuring that the electronic tickets are valid for the event, date and number of people they intend to book for. 
The electronic ticket is personal and cannot be transferred. Hallands kulturhistoriska museum reserves the right to deny entry to those who arrive late to the event, to those with tickets purchased at any third party-point of purchase or if the ticket is not in accordance with the holders age or occupation.

3. Free admission
Hallands kulturhistoriska museum offers free admission for companions to visitors with disabilities. Contact the museum in connection with ticket purchases on tel 46 (0)340-82830
The customer is responsible for being able to show both a valid ticket and proof of eligibility.
Hallands kulturhistoriska museum reserves the right to deny entry for those that cannot show tickets and/or proof of eligibility.

4. Rebook
It is only possible for the customer to unbook their electronic tickets bought through museumhalland.biljetto.com for at credit code matching the value of those tickets.

5. Refund and right to withdraw
Supported by provisions in the Swedish law; (2005:59), Hallands kulturhistoriska museum does not refund electronic tickets or offer the right to withdrawal from electronic tickets.
Refunds are only granted upon presentation of a Doctor’s note or in cases of cancelled events. Refunds are made on the part of the ticket that is affected by illness. Refunds are made to the electronic ticket’s contact person.

6. Cancelled events
Hallands kulturhistoriska museum reserves the right to cancel events and strives to contact affected customers before the starting time of the event. Electronic tickets to cancelled events are refunded within thirty (30) days from Hallands kulturhistoriska museum notifying a ticket holder through email of the cancellation. Please note that Hallands Kulturhistoriska museum may have to contact you to get additional details from you in order to make a refund.

7. Data collection 
Hallands kulturhistoriska museum uses personal data to communicate with you regarding your purchase of tickets. We need information to identify you, for example name, address, e-mail, phone number etc.

8. Use of data
Observe that Hallands kulturhistoriska museum will not save any credit card information. Your personal data will only be sent to a third party when required in order to complete a payment transaction. This is done safely through encryption by SLL (Secure Sockets Layer) between the customer’s personal computer and the PayEx payment servers.
9. Personal data
Your personal data will only be sent to a third party when required in order to complete a payment transaction.

10. Cookies 
This website uses session cookies.
Session cookies are cookies that last for a session. A session starts when you launch a website or web app and ends when you leave the website or close your browser window. Session cookies contain information that is stored in a temporary memory location which is deleted after the session ends. No personal information is saved by the cookie.

You can choose to not accept cookies by changing the settings in your internet browser. However, while you will still be able to visit this website, some of the functions may not work as intended.

11. Protection against spam 
By using https://payex.se/dataskydd/ we ensure you that Hallands kulturhistoriska museum does not sell this data to any third part
We will not sell your e-mail address or phone number to any third part and we protect your information from web crawlers and web spiders as far as it is technical possible.

12. Newsletter
Customers that agreed to receiving a newsletter during purchase can be contacted by e-mail for newsletters, offers or customer surveys.
Newsletter can be sent in both English and Swedish.